Ĉe la koro de la Tero

Esperanto translation (by Gary Mickle) of
Edgar Rice Burroughs' At the Earth's Core

This Internet edition is a revised version of the Esperanto translation that has been available on this site since 2001. The previous version varied from section to section with respect to the quality of its language and style. I began my translation of this novel (first published in English in 1922) in 1968, after undertaking to learn Esperanto two years previously. My actual intent was to get some language practice. The decision to translate this particular text was the fruit of five minutes of consideration, at the very most. Having made some headway, I become increasingly ambitious and ultimately persisted to the end.

I then put the manuscript aside, and it remained on my bookshelf for 25 years. After buying a computer years ago, I recalled its existence and decided that it might interest a few people, so I typed it all again, not bothering to correct or revise as I went along. Now I have done the thorough revision job I did not have enough time for a few years ago.

The novel may well appeal to those who like fast-moving adventure stories without lofty literary pretensions, typical of this genre of early-day science fiction. Esperanto beginners might also like it for precisely these qualities.

Ĉe la koro de la Tero:

  • Antaŭparolo
  • Ĉap. 1: Al la eternaj fajroj
  • Ĉap. 2: Stranga mondo
  • Ĉap. 3: Novaj mastroj
  • Ĉap. 4: Dian la Bela
  • Ĉap. 5: Sklavoj
  • Ĉap. 6: Komenco de hororo
  • Ĉap. 7: Liberiĝo
  • Ĉap. 8: La templo de la maharoj
  • Ĉap. 9: La vizaĝo de la morto
  • Ĉap. 10: En Futra denove
  • Ĉap. 11: Kvar mortaj maharoj
  • Ĉap. 12: Postĉaso
  • Ĉap. 13: La Ruzulo
  • Ĉap. 14: En la ĝardeno Edeno
  • Ĉap. 15: Reiro al la Tero


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