English-language texts that deal with this website's subject matter in greater detail.

Texts are selected for their informational value. They need not necessarily reflect the views of the German-language Worker Esperanto Activists.


2022 SAT congress impacted by Ukraine War (G. Mickle)
SAT met once again on internet
SAT-Congress in 2020 Online (G. Mickle)
Congress in the year of the pandemic; see also the Declaration of the 2020 SAT Congress
The Rose of Fire proved unusually attractive (Group commissioned by the Pro-Esperanto Section of SAT)
report on the 2019 SAT Congress in Barcelona; see also the Declaration of the 2019 SAT Congress
International Esperanto Congress in Barcelona 2019
The upcoming SAT congress will take place from August 4-11
SAT membership facing the challenge of new communication technologies (group of congress participants)
report on the 2018 SAT Congress in Kragujevac (Serbia); see also the Declaration of the 2018 SAT Congress
A meeting-place for workers and progressive people where nationality doesn't matter (group of congress participants)
report on the 2009 SAT Congress in Milan; with the text of the Declaration of the 2009 SAT Congress
A World Conference of Workers without a Language Barrier – the 2008 SAT Congress in Kazanlak (Bulgaria) (group of congress participants)
with the text of the Declaration of the 2008 SAT Congress

[ Esperanto ]

World Anational Association (SAT)

SAT at 100 (Gary Mickle)
Features of SAT that remain up-to-date and SAT's place in the political history of Esperanto
Why is There a Workers' Esperanto Movement? (G. Mickle)
Esperanto, anationalism and the World Anational Association (SAT)

History of the Workers' Esperanto Movement

Absolutism (Eŭgeno Lanti)
on Esperanto and the workers' movement – excerpt from a speech delivered in 1934
Esperanto and Anarchism (Will Firth)
The Place of Esperanto in the History of Ideas; Relevance of Esperanto within the Libertarian Spectrum

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