English-language texts that deal with this website's subject matter in greater detail.

Texts are selected for their informational value. They need not necessarily reflect the views of the Free Esperanto League for German Language Regions.


2019 SAT Congress in Barcelona: the Rose of Fire proved unusually attractive (Group commissioned by the Pro-Esperanto Section of SAT)
report on the 2019 SAT Congress in Barcelona; see also the Declaration of the 2019 SAT Congress
International Esperanto Congress in Barcelona 2019
The upcoming SAT congress will take place from August 4-11
SAT membership facing the challenge of new communication technologies (group of congress participants)
report on the 2018 SAT Congress in Kragujevac (Serbia); see also the Declaration of the 2018 SAT Congress
A meeting-place for workers and progressive people where nationality doesn't matter (group of congress participants)
report on the 2009 SAT Congress in Milan; with the text of the Declaration of the 2009 SAT Congress
A World Conference of Workers without a Language Barrier – the 2008 SAT Congress in Kazanlak (Bulgaria) (group of congress participants)
with the text of the Declaration of the 2008 SAT Congress

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World Anational Association (SAT)

Why is There a Workers' Esperanto Movement? (G. Mickle)
Esperanto, anationalism and the World Anational Association (SAT)

History of the Workers' Esperanto Movement

Absolutism (Eŭgeno Lanti)
on Esperanto and the workers' movement – excerpt from a speech delivered in 1934
Esperanto and Anarchism (Will Firth)
The Place of Esperanto in the History of Ideas; Relevance of Esperanto within the Libertarian Spectrum

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