The German-language Worker Esperanto Activists co-operate with the World Anational League (Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda, SAT), which is active worldwide. SAT is an alliance of leftist tendencies ranging from anarchists to greens and from social democrats to communists and anationalists. SAT's task is to engage these various left-wing tendencies in a continuous dialogue, in the course of which dogmatism is discouraged. It is a cultural and educational institution that aims to assist wage-dependent workers in class struggle.

The concept of class struggle contained in the Statute of SAT originates from the period of its foundation, the 1920's, and is now subject to some controversy in SAT, as elsewhere. These days, quite a few members consider it to be outdated and apt to be misunderstood. It remains to be seen how this issue will be resolved.

SAT's only working language is Esperanto. It publishes an international monthly magazine in Esperanto called Sennaciulo. Additionally, some of the factions have their own circulars. SAT organises its own congress annually. This year (2005) it is taking place in Zagreb, while last year it took place in Bratislava. The congress is attended by an average of between 100 and 300 people.

Eugène Lanti, founder of SAT:

The exchange of ideas between prolatarians of various countries actually only takes place though the mediation of polyglot intellectuals. Therefore, the activity of SAT, which is aimed at bringing the workers of the whole world into direct contact and let them get to know one another, is revolutionary in its very essence. top

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