G. Mickle: La patrina lakto kaj la tero
Eŭgeno Lanti: Manifesto de la Sennaciistoj
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This website was created for speakers of Esperanto and that is why most of its content is in Esperanto. Please note, however, that the websites that can be accessed from the links page (look for "LIGOJ" in the menu on the left) contain content in a variety of languages.

The name of the site describes the subject matter it deals with, although the term "anationalism" in the title needs to be explained: it refers to an antinationalist and cosmopolitan concept that is indigenous to the Esperanto community. It was formulated by E. Lanti, also the co-founder of the Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (World Anational Association), a politically heterogenous organization of (mostly) left-leaning and working-class Esperantists, which was founded after World War I. One of Lanti's works, the Manifesto de la Sennaciistoj, is available on the site.

Documents in English

Tonyo del Barrio: The Anationalist Eugène Lanti

Lucien Bresler, Djémil Kessous, Gary Mickle: The Palestinian problem can be resolved only by a truly secular social movement

Eŭgeno Lanti: Manifesto of Non-Nationalists (Manifesto de la Sennaciistoj in English translation)

G. Mickle: Can Esperanto Save "Cultural Diversity"? (expanded version – March, 2008

G. Mickle: The Esperanto-speaking Community Flirts with Ethnicism

G. Mickle: An Unconvincing Scheme to Save Mother Tongues

G. Mickle: A Symbiosis of Esperantism and Language Nationalism?

G. Mickle: The "Intrinsic Ideas" of Esperanto

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